Pittsburgh Riverhounds 2016 Season Review @MonGoals Podcast

Mon Goals - RIverhounds 2016 Season Review

I had the opportunity to join the Mon Goals podcast crew (Mike, Kev and Josh) to talk a little about the Pittsburgh Riverhounds season in 2016, but also spend a decent amount of time looking forward to what we can expect this off season and can look forward to for next year and beyond.



  • We give out some fan awards,
  • “Around the horn” style questions about the future of the club
  • Read tweets from Mon Goals twitter account about what you want to see next season
  • Talk about potential division 2 and 3 realignment in the coming years and what it could mean to this team.

Additionally I added some nuggets that I am anticipating a lot of changes and things to be going on behind closed doors with the Riverhounds.

It was a good opportunity to take a look back — but also move the conversation forward about what we might be expecting in coming months and the future of pro soccer in Pittsburgh.  .

In addition, you can catch Mike, Kev, and Josh l talking about the Premier League on a weekly basis.

Mike and I will continue to produce the Pittsburgh College Soccer Show.

Finally, please be on the lookout — as I will also be writing some additional follow-up posts/column about the 2016 Riverhounds season in the coming days.


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