Pgh College Soccer Show Now Part of Beautiful Game Network (@thebgnfm)

This scholastic soccer season, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Mike Sparks from MonGoals podcasts to create the Pittsburgh College Soccer Show.

In our last episode, we expanded our content to include a High School / WPIAL Playoff preview show.  Thus, we are moving in the direction of the Pittsburgh College Soccer Show (as it’s titled now) becoming a podcast that covers all scholastic soccer in our region (HS/College).

But now, Mike and his team have an exciting announcment about some changes that they are undergoing to create a wider-network of soccer-related content through podcasts.

Last week, they were thrilled to announce the creation of the Beautiful Game Network, or BGN for short.

BGN will allow them to further expand the conversation by bringing podcasts and content related to soccer beyond just the scope of Pittsburgh.

Not only that, but each of their current shows (Riverhounds, Premier League, college and high school) will all be getting their own subscribable streams!

So if you ONLY want to hear the Pittsburgh College Soccer Show, then you only have to subscribe to that one show!

Pittsburgh College Soccer Show

Click here to check out the new show page.

We are looking forward to our next edition of the show, which will recap the local Division I teams’ seasons, talk about some of the local small colleges that are still playing and then recap the WPIAL Finals at Highmark Stadium and talk about WPIAL team’s chances to win PIAA titles, along with clips from interviews that I’ve had with a few college-bound players.

You can also follow tweets related to Pittsburgh College and High School soccer from BGN will now be made from @PittsburghFooty




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