‘NO MOSS’, Charlotte Independence, Fmr NFL Star Have A Little ‘April Fools’ Fun

I’ll have to admit, they had me for a few minutes.

On Friday, the Charlotte Independence sent a media release, and a video announcing the signing of 40 year-old former NFL star wide receiver Randy Moss.


In the video, Moss is seen in the Independence locker room putting on a uniform with the number 84 — and then is introduced by Charlotte head coach Mike Jefferies.

Within the first few hours, there was a quick blitz on social media and many people were having a field day with the “announcement.”


Of course, after careful review, if you look closely, the first letter of every sentence in the press release spells APRIL FOOLS.

That was some pretty craft April Fools shenanigans — on March 31 no less — by the Independence, and to get Moss to go along with it just made it more believable.

For  USL team that is a very similar predicament as the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, it was a pretty clever move to bring some notoriety to a second-year franchise that has only average a little more than two thousand fans a game in a league in a pro sports town with other Major League franchises.

I’ll say this — if Moss was a legitimate player — it would have made things a lot more interesting on the Fourth of July here in Pittsburgh — as the Riverhounds host Charlotte in their annual game prior to the City’s big fireworks show.

The truth is, a 40 year-old former star NFL player who hadn’t regularly played the game since his youth would have been a far-fetched and ridiculous charade.   Sort of like what the New York Mets are doing with having Tim Tebow playing A-level baseball.






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