ANALYSIS: Battling Hounds remain in hunt, but something’s off

The Pittsburgh Riverhounds have recently hit the mid-season point in their season.

The Hounds (5-7-5, 20 points after 17 games) are showing some shades of improvement, but still, there’s much work to be done, as they remain below the playoff line — sitting in 11th place of 15 teams in the USL’s Eastern Conference.

There is hope though, as the Hounds are only a two points away from the playoff line and with a win streak, can easily jump right into the top half of the conference table.

This weekend, I took some time to prepare a detailed, position-by-position look at the team and its coach, as they’ve battled through the first half of the season.

Corey 2
Corey Hertzog (11) has led the Hounds in goals scored in 2017 (photo courtesy Pittsburgh Riverhounds) 

You can catch my full analysis on DK Pittsburgh Sports

Midseason analysis – Battling hounds remain in playoff hunt, but something’s still off



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