A day of worldwide soccer drama commences

Let’s face it, the one soccer event that captivates the masses, even here in Pittsburgh — is the World Cup.

We’ve already seen a number of team qualify during some of the weekend action — like Egypt getting through.

Another remarkable feat took place when Iceland advanced on Monday for the first time in its history, and as the smallest nation ever to be in the World Cup finals. The nation with a population (337,780) only slightly bigger than how many reside within the City of Pittsburgh (303,625).

On Tuesday, while the United States concludes play in the Hexagonal finale against Trinidad & Tobago (8 p.m. РBe In Sports), there will be plenty of other drama that includes the other teams in CONCACAF playing simultaneously.  This is a long standing world football tradition that American sports have begun to emulate recently (Major League Baseball now plays all the final games on the final day of the season at the same time).

Here are the scenarios for the U.S. as they currently sit in third place (with both Mexico and Costa Rica above them having already cliniched):

  • With a victory over Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday night, the United States will join Mexico and Costa Rica as CONCACAF‚Äôs automatic qualifiers.
  • With a draw, Bruce Arena‚Äôs squad will advance, unless Panama or Honduras wins by an obscene number of goals (eight and 12, respectively)
  • With a defeat, the Americans better hope that Panama and Honduras fail to beat Costa Rica and Mexico, respectively. If one wins, the U.S. team is headed to the two-leg intercontinental playoff against the Socceroos — that’s the Australians if you didn’t know — who beat Syria way, way earlier today down under, 2-1 to clinch its spot in the playoff. If both win, the Americans will land in fifth place and out of the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

If you are interested in watching the U.S. qualifier with a group in our area, the local chapter of the American Outlaws will be hosting a watch party at Highmark Stadium’s pub beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Qualifiers will also be wrapping up in Europe (2:45 p.m. EST kickoff time for all games) and South America (7:15 EST kickoff time for all games), where many spots are still on the line. In South America, it will be especially crazed, as spots 2 through 5 are still up for grabs. And yes, Argentina, and Lionel Messi are in severe danger of missing the World Cup.

If you are trying to keep up, here’s who’s qualified so far:

If you are going to try to catch the games on television or on live feeds here’s some of schedule courtesy of Soccer America:

Concacaf World Cup Qualifier
Trinidad & Tobago-USA 8 pm.
Ecuador-Argentina (delay) 11 pm.

UEFA World Cup Qualifier
Portugal-Switzerland 2:45 pm.

CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifier
Ecuador-Argentina 7:20 pm.

UEFA World Cup Qualifier
Netherlands-Sweden 2:45 pm.

Concacaf World Cup Qualifier
Honduras-Mexico 11 pm.

Concacaf World Cup Qualifier
Trinidad & Tobago-USA 8 pm.

Liga MX
Toluca-Lobos BUAP live 10 pm.

Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers
Paraguay-Venezuela 7:15 pm.
Brazil-Chile 7:15 pm.
Ecuador-Argentina 7:15 pm.
Peru-Colombia 7:15 pm.
Uruguay-Bolivia 7:15 pm.

UEFA World Cup Qualifiers
Netherlands-Sweden 2:45 pm.
Estonia-Bosnia & Herzegovina 2:45 pm.
Latvia-Andorra 2:45 pm.
Luxembourg-Bulgaria 2:45 pm.
United Soccer League
Rochester-Bethlehem 7 pm.

Concacaf World Cup Qualifiers
Honduras-Mexico 8 pm.
Panama-Costa Rica 8 pm.
Trinidad & Tobago-USA 8 pm.


















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