#PghSoccer talk: @Pghsoccerscribe reviews local soccer scene on @RoomTempShow

There’s no doubt soccer’s audience is growing here in the United States– and even in Pittsburgh as the pro season is deep into the off season — there’s a lot still to talk about for die-hard soccer fans.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to take part in yet another podcast devoted to the world’s most popular sport, and what transpired was a great opportunity to talk about soccer in our area to two very enthusiastic, young and soccer knowledgeable ‘podcasters’ Matt Voggel and Ben Carter  — who were hoping to pick my brain for information about soccer on the local scene.

Toward the end of the podcast, as I sensed that they had not had a lot of exposure and have only followed the local soccer scene intermittently, while concentrating much of their interest in EPL and the international game,I asked them what would it take to become more interested in what’s going on locally.

It was a fun discussion and both Matt and Ben have plenty of refreshing insights on the game.





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