No, it’s not that Christian Ramos

Today was opening day of preseason for the Riverhounds, and it was a rather uneventful day with the team escaping the icy cold conditions at Highmark Stadium for an indoor training at Southpointe.

The only eventful item to report was a little blunder on its roster of the players invited to camp trying to earn a spot on the team.

There must be a reason why players brought into pro soccer preseason training camps for second division U.S. teams on trial are not often publicized. Sometimes the information available on these players is still a bit scarce.

When the Riverhounds released its 17-player list of invitees to preseason — one of the players listed on the roster was Christian Ramos, from Lima, Peru — who’s last club played with was Emelec.

Here’s a snapshot of Hounds trialists list provided to us on Friday:

Snapshot Hounds trialists

Apparently, the Hounds informed me this afternoon that this fella who was featured prominently in this post from Sunday night taking a ‘closer look’ at the players invited to camp, is not Christian Ramos from Peru.

Ramos celebrates
This Christian Ramos — from Peru — is not in preseason camp with the Hounds.


Team representatives said that Christian Ramos that showed up for the first day of practice today, hails from Argentina, and that’s about all we know about him.

I am sure that we’ll find out a little bit more about Christian Ramos, from Argentina, in the coming days. As for the moment neither the Hounds media staff, nor I (with a bit of an egg on our faces) have much on the guy.

Good news is that I confirmed that there are no other ‘impostors’ from this list which I shared tidbits of information about in my aforementioned post — as they all check out as one and the same.








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