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Three weeks into preseason, Hounds hold off on signings, add more trialists

Hugh Roberts


After all the hoopla and festivities surrounding the Riverhounds new crest and kit reveal on Friday, they’re back to business with another busy week of preseason.

The team has not yet announced the signings of any new players, holding firm with 13 signed players on the team’s roster.

Below is the latest list of players on trial. The players in bold have been added since week 1, and will continue to work to earn a spot on the roster as the competition remains fierce. Lilley said that he was hoping to be somewhere around 18 or 19 players toward the end of preseason. The veteran coach remains selective about what he wants.

There are some notable players that have been added to the group. One that Hounds fans might recognize is defender Hugh Roberts, who last played for Bethlehem Steel FC, and prior to that was with the Richmond Kickers, where he was named to USL All-First team in 2016.

Stephen Okai

After playing three years with the Hounds, and being on trial the past two weeks, Stephen Okai was not invited back for week three.

Although coach Bob Lilley indicated after week one that they could potentially sign some of the trailists who have performed well by week three or four, no announcements have followed since the Hounds underwhelming 1-0 scrimmage win over college side St. Bonaventure.

Hounds owner Tuffy Shallenberger also jumped the gun a little bit earlier in the week, initially sending out tweets indicating tha this club would be making a player signing announcement. Some unconfirmed reports were that it would be a player that has not been with the Hounds before.

Even mentioning that the announcement would come on Monday at 2 p.m.

But ultimately, no announcements would come.

Also, while some Hounds fans are hoping for the return of Rob Vincent, that currently appears unlikely anytime soon. Vincent was recently let go after being on trial with DC United in the second week of their preseason. Vincent, a midfielder originally from Liverpool, England, was with DCU during the previous two seasons, where he sustained a  knee injury last year, then battled with some blot clot issues.  It’s likely that Lilley has some reservations about Vincent’s knee. It’s likely that Vincent will be popping up on trial somewhere pretty soon, but not in Pittsburgh — not this week.


Riverhounds SC readies for two matches in week three, hosting the University of Charleston at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 23 and the University of Akron at 2 p.m. on Feb. 25. Both games will be played at Highmark Stadium and are free to attend for the public.

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